Thursday, May 6, 2021

Work/Playcation in Aruba! April 2021

Our work/playcation to Aruba was a smashing success! We had just visited for the first time last September and we didn't think we'd be back. It's a relatively long flight and more expensive than our regular Mexico trip. Fast forward to March when we learned Steve's sister Karen & family were planning a month-long workcation in Aruba in April. After a few weeks of pondering (not sure why it took us so long...) and figuring out work schedules, we booked our flights and we were off! Dinner with family every night, Dutch pancakes, daily snorkeling at the crack of dawn, gorgeous beaches, and so much more! Sun, fun and family are just what the doctor ordered. Click here if you want to see my more detailed blog from September 2020.

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