Monday, December 27, 2021

Ocean Maya Royale for the 20th Time! July 2021

 Our 20th visit to Ocean Maya Royale was another relaxing time celebrating my 42nd birthday. We were joined by our OMR friend Ed Cook who was also celebrating his birthday. The three of us enjoyed dinner nearly every night together in addition to lots of chicken wings and cocktails in the courtyard. 

Ed is another frequent visitor to OMR and rents a car during his stays. Following his suggestion, the three of us drove into Cancun and took the ferry to Isla Mujeres where we rented a golf cart for a few hours and drove the entire perimeter of the island. We stopped for a few photos opportunities, visited a turtle sanctuary, and albeit hot as sh*t, had an overall awesome time. 

Visit #21 has yet to be scheduled, but we know it’s coming soon!

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