Monday, September 19, 2011

Sean and Alex Get Married!!

I love weddings. I especially love weddings when I love the two people getting married as much as I love Sean and Alex. As I look back at the pictures, I am reminded of how much fun we really had…Whitney Houston, Grayson Chance, Wilson Phillips, Michael Jackson…they all played a big part in the extraordinarily fun night.

On August 27, 2011, Sean and Alex wed in an intimate and Lakewood-themed ceremory and celebration. With only 48 guests, it was really comfortable and super fun. The people present were the most important people in Sean and Alex’s lives and they couldn’t have asked for a better day. The weather was beautiful, the food outstanding, drinks plentiful, the company perfect, and thanks to Sean’s “Play DJ Now” every single song choice was meaningful, fun and truly entertaining.

Now to the pictures...There are a lot of pictures and it took me forever to figure which were blog-worthy. In the end, I just decided so much was worthy and everyone would simply have to relive the day! Not only was I reminded of the beauty and fun, but I also came to the realization that my niece Kristin loves weddings! She made her way into a lot of pictures :)

Let’s start from the beginning…

On Friday, Alex, Meredith, my Mom and I went to Revelations Spa to get our nails done. We all look so tan!! Sorry Meredith...

That evening, Sean & Alex hosted a barbeque rehearsal dinner at their house with the bridal party, parents, and out of town guests.

The last time many of us saw my nephew Zachary was when he was four months old…now an active two-year-old, he sure has grown up!! It was great to see Zachary’s personality and learn about his favorite things such as Thomas the Train, Elmo…

…and garage doors. Yes, garage doors.

Coming from a family of addictive and compulsive personalities, it’s not out of the ordinary for one of us to develop an obsession or habit, but this is a new one. Zachary is totally obsessed with automatic garage doors. It doesn’t matter what color or what size, just as long as he can push a button and watch it go up and down. I’m not kidding when I say he found our garage door opener within the first five minutes of walking into our house and then proceeded to stand at the back door and ask to see the garage. He couldn’t see it, but he knew it was there! This happened several times a day. Eventually, we would have to tell him the cars were sleeping. It’s really funny.

The next day was the big day!

Sean and Alex choose the Nicholson House as the site of their wedding. As part of their “Lakewood Theme” it seemed only appropriate they select this historic house. It was a perfect setting for the outdoor ceremony, indoor dining and outdoor cocktails and dancing.

After a morning of getting our hair done, lunch and a glass of champagne…it was finally time for Sean and Alex to take the plunge. Alex was a truly stunning bride and Sean was a handsome groom. I may be a little biased, but I think their bridal party was pretty spectacular too J


Following the ceremony, the newly announced Mr. and Mrs. Mott headed over to Pier W to take a few more pictures with the Cleveland skyline.

In the meantime, guests enjoyed a few cocktails and appetizers. 

Sean & Alex made a Cherry Vodka Lemonade that was cleverly nicknamed “Mott’s Hard Lemonade” and since I managed to get the leftovers, I bottled it for later consumption!


Sean’s friend Justin entertained us with his musical talents.
Anne-Mary even joined in the fun!

Guests traveled from near and far to be a part of this very important event (3 from England, 4 from Virginia, 1 from New York, 3 from Connecticut, 1 from New Jersey...and the rest of us drove from Ohio) Of the 48 guests, only six were not members of the family! As you can imagine, each and every person holds a special place in Sean & Alex’s heart…

The food choice was another very important part of the planning for Sean and Alex. Once again, to go along with the “Lakewood Theme” they choose Lakewood’s own Italian Creations to cater the event. Without a doubt, the highlight was their pasta carbonara…a truly delicious and heart-stopping dish.   

There was even a kid's table with chicken fingers, macaroni & cheese and pizza!

The table numbers were made by yours truly (Alex’s idea!) I removed the old labels from bottles of red wine, then replaced them with new labels made by me! I really think they look pretty cool.

They also had these cute boxes for place cards and a magnet favor inside.

They had guests write on these cards throughout the night. With these cards and pictures, I will make a guestbook scrapbook as a way for them to remember their day. Not surprisingly, Otto & Daniel signed a plethora of cards J

Cupcakes were another fun addition to the party. Lakewood’s own La Bella Cupcakes were the shining star among the kids. Vanilla Bean, Molten Lava, Cookies n’ Cream and Lemon Sunburst were available for the taking

I would guess that some of these kids may have had more than one!

Once we were finished with dinner and cutting the cake, there were a few more pictures to be taken…

Alex with Anne-Mary and Richard

Sean with Coletta and Kurt

The Mott kids

The Evans kids

Tracy, Kevin, Joshua & Daniel....Travis, Laura, Otto, Hailey & Kristin

   Todd, Erin & Zachary

Ashten, Greg, Mason & Chance

The nieces & nephews

Alex's Family

Sean's Family

The Entire Wedding!

Then it was time to really get the party started!!! Sean and Alex danced their first dance and Alex had her father/daughter dance with her dad.

Meredith and Dan gave their congratulatory toasts and Alex’s Uncle Kevin gave his blessing. Yes, even Kristin was included in this :)

Dancing commenced and much fun was had by all…



Zachary celebrated his 2nd birthday on the same day of the wedding so he had his own cupcake and everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. The excitement is quite evident :)


As the night continued, more dancing ensued and some of us may have thought it was a good idea to serenade to our hearts desire.

The sisters line dance? Of course!

Sean even pulled out Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" to entertain the crowd.

Overall, I can’t really say much more. We ate well, drank well and had fun…all to celebrate the love shared between Sean and Alex.

Congratulations! We all love you very much :)