Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Ocean Maya Royale 6 times in 5 months! A nice break from COVID life at home...

I recently spent Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Jean’s 50th and Steve’s 48th birthday at Ocean Maya Royale - that’s 6x in 5 months! Having not traveled as often in 2020, I used my vacation time wisely at this special place. Being my 19th stay, the staff is the reason I keep coming back and you’ll hear that again and again from both first time and repeat guests. 

Why OMR and why soooo many times? An adults-only vacation is non-negotiable for me and OMR affords us the opportunity to visit several times a year – and in this case, even more than that! We vacationed to Aruba earlier in 2020 when OMR was closed and spent over 5x more. In the end I missed my friends at OMR. The staff are the highlight and are what make this place stand above the rest. Getting more bang for your buck is just icing on the cake. Let’s be honest - I can barely stay at a Motel 6 in the US for these prices.

On Halloween, Steve and I visited Ocean Coral & Turquesa with my mom and Rich. We had planned this family trip to celebrate my brother's 50th birthday, but COVID put a wrench into those plans and it was only the 4 of us left standing. We spent 5 nights at OCT before heading over to OMR for 2 nights. 

OCT is a family resort with a spacious and convenient layout. We had rooms located in the adults-only section where Steve and I were given a ridiculous El Beso Privilege Master Suite. This rooms had 2 massive rooms, 1.5 bathrooms and a balcony overlooking the beach. It was breathless. Unfortunately, it rained during our entire trip. We arrived after 2 hurricanes and we just couldn't enjoy everything like we wanted. We are already planning a return trip with my family at the end of this year.

While we only stayed at OMR for 2 nights, we felt like we were home again and we knew we would return again very soon. How about Thanksgiving?

So we did...Steve and I returned to OMR for a quick 4 night trip over Thanksgiving. The weather was incredible and a nice change from the rain 3 weeks prior. Sorry mom & Rich!

It was a great trip, but I guess it wasn't quite enough because I returned again 3 weeks later with my mom. We had great weather and even visited Tulum and several cenotes. 

...and then Steve and I returned a week later to celebrate New Year's Eve with Kevin and Lisa. This was another short 4 night trip.

...two weeks after that I returned for a week with Jean and her two sisters to celebrate Jean's 50th birthday. I flew to Newark and stayed with Ron & Jean before we all boarded a plane in first class! It was an awesome trip and a nice introduction for Jamie and Jenn to see our little piece of paradise.

...and then Steve and I returned AGAIN for a week in March to celebrate his 48th birthday. We didn't take many pictures this time, but not much has changed :)

Obviously, OMR is my own little paradise. I start every morning watching the sunrise and then walk up to the lobby bar where Tiger makes me an extra spicy Bloody Maria. We eat breakfast at privilege with beautiful views and then spend several hours at the pool where Jony, Eber and Miguel make fantastic drinks and Rodrigo, Arturo and Oscar entertain guests. A quick siesta before we head back up to the lobby for martinis by Oli and lightning fast service from Yovanetti, Tila and Anna. We typically eat dinner at La Dolce or Blue Moon and then cap off the night with after dinner drinks at the lobby bar.

The resort follows COVID protocols, the staff always wear masks and sanitizer is readily available. As with everyone in the entertainment industry, COVID has taken its toll at OMR. Not all restaurants are open every night, they aren’t fully staffed, entertainment is minimal and the resort is not at capacity. You’ll see the same staff member working all day in a variety of roles from ice cream scooper to restaurant manager. It’s not consistent because nothing is consistent these days and so much is unpredictable. Regardless, the entire staff continues to work TIRELESSLY to keep the place afloat - and always with a smile. Please be kind. They deserve it and more!

Thank you to my second family for your kindness and generosity. Vacation is what you choose to make of it and I choose happiness.

In the end, this is where I go to de-stress from life back home. I always return feeling refreshed and happy - and I don’t need a vacation from my vacation :) Cheers!

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