Monday, March 22, 2010

NCAA First Round ~ March 21, 2010

On March 19th, Steve and I made our way to South Bend, IN where we would watch the #15 Cleveland State Vikings face-off against #2 Notre Dame on Sunday afternoon. It was an exciting time for us and the four hour drive was a piece of cake.

The college football hall of fame was across the street from our hotel and Steve simply couldn’t resist the Heisman pose. The 12-pack of Bud Light seemed to be a suitable replacement for a football.

We soon headed to Corby’s, a nearby bar featured in the movie “Rudy.” That seemed fairly appropriate since we were in South Bend.

On Saturday, Sean & Alex met us to watch some college basketball games. We found a great sports bar called “Between the Buns” where we watched a bunch of games, ate & had a few drinks.

Papa Smurfs were the specialty at Between the Buns. We love specialties!

Later in the day, we met the rest of our group and headed to a CSU Pep Rally at Legend’s Bar and Grille located on the Notre Dame campus. My mom & Rich made the trip from Cleveland, while Alex’s sister Meredith drove down from Chicago.

On Sunday morning we went to another CSU party at Main Street Pub. There was a very impressive turn out ranging from alumni, friends, family, staff, and even CSU President Dr. Berkman. We were very happy to be a part of it!

It was finally time to head over to the Joyce Center! During the first game, we saw #7 Wisconsin fall to #10 Vermont 64-55. It was finally time to see the Vikings take the floor…

Despite an incredible first half performance by senior Kailey Klein, the Vikings were down 25-34 at the end of the first half. Kailey scored 21 straight points to lead the Vikings…the other 4 points were scored by senior Stephaine Crosley. As expected, Notre Dame adjusted their game plan and offensively went inside to exploit their size difference, while defensively they shut down Kailey Klein. CSU was outscored 52-33 in the second half and finished with an 86-58 loss. Klein finished with 31 points and 8 rebounds to lead the Vikings.

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