Thursday, June 9, 2022

Ocean Maya Royale for the 21st Time ~ March 2022

We visited our home away from home for the 21st time to celebrate Steve's 49th birthday. 

This conversation seems to be a trend:

Co-worker/friend/family/local bartender/stranger: You're going to Mexico AGAIN!?!? 

Me: Yep!

Other person: Your place again?

Me: Yep!

Our place is Ocean Maya Royale

We enjoyed breakfast in the Privilege lounge every day. This is arguably our favorite part of the Privilege upgrade. The food is great and the views are excellent. 

They have made some recent renovations to the Privilege lounge as well as the mid-day menu, so we enjoyed lunch here once. 

On this visit, we were joined by our friend Ed Cook who is another "regular" at Ocean Maya. This was his 20th me, he'll catch up to us VERY fast!

We enjoyed drinks together as well as wings and dinner with he and his friend Deanna on most nights. 

It was just like every other visit to OMR...

Easy, Relaxing and Fun

The beauty of visiting the same place over and over again, is we know what to expect and there is ZERO planning involved. 

We know where, when and what to eat, drink, see and sleep...

Showing off and taking a selfie in front of our picture on the Wall of Fame is a must-do every time!

We head back again in two months for the 22nd time! See you then :)

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