Saturday, July 18, 2009

Myrtle Beach, SC ~ July 3-12, 2009

My 30th birthday was one that I will never forget! Steve and I vacation in Myrtle Beach often, but this year we were able to celebrate my “Big 3-0” with our great family and friends…In the end, 11 of us (Shannon, Steve, Paul, Sue, Karen, Andrew, Sean, Alex, Elizabeth, Coletta & Rich) made the trip south. Paul & Sue worked their magic and coordinated with my mom & Rich for them to make the trip and surprise us! Even more special was that we also celebrated Alex’s birthday on this trip, so they were able to be there for her Mexican fiesta. It was quite shocking and I still can’t believe all of them were able to keep it a secret (especially Rich!), but it was a very special treat and a really nice time. Don’t worry…we didn’t all cram into one living space; the “adults” stayed in one condo, while the “kids” stayed in another :) We had a whole lot of fun!

On our drive down to Myrtle Beach, we stopped in Winnsboro, SC and stayed with Cal & Keleigh Caldwell. As always, they were very generous hosts and coordinated with Greg & Karen Airasian and Ryan Stack to meet up with us for some drinks.

Here are the boys...Steve, Ryan, Cal & Greg.

With the help of and our own research conducted on previous visits to MB :) we ventured to some great happy hour locations during our trip. Here we are on the patio at Greg Norman's Australian Grill. Great appetizers & cocktails!

Steve & Elizabeth

Elizabeth, Shannon & Alex

We celebrated Alex's 28th birthday at Malibu Cantina Tex Mex.

Feliz Cumpleanos Alejandra!

Just after we entered the restaurant, my mom & Rich walked in and surprised us! They had driven 12 hours so that they could celebrate with very special. We came to find out that they were actually hiding in the bushes when we arrived outside. I would have to loved to see that!

The night before my birthday we went to the Thirsty Turtle. Karaoke was the highlight of the evening!

Shannon & Steve

Rich & Coletta

Shannon, Alex & Elizabeth

The "Big Kids" table. Sue, Paul, Rich & Coletta.

The karaoke gang! Rich, Sean, Coletta, Steve, Elizabeth, Alex & Shannon

On my birthday, we ate a delicious dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in MB (California Dreaming). After dinner we enjoyed some birthday cupcakes. Yum!

Shannon & Steve

Andrew & Karen

Anyone who has traveled to Myrtle Beach with us knows that the trip isn't complete without a car bomb at Finn McCool's. It was only appropriate that we topped off my birthday celebration with one.

On our last night, we went to Greg Norman's again for happy hour. Here is the Horan/Schur crew...Andrew, Karen, Paul, Sue, Stephen & Shannon

Elizabeth, Shannon & Steve on our last night.

Steve & Shannon at the site of our wedding ceremony. Nearly three years later and still so happy :)

We have created so many great memories in Myrtle Beach and this trip only added to the list. Thanks to everyone for making this trip so fun and fantastic!!

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