Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Treasure Island, FL

On July 7th, I departed Cleveland for Treasure Island, FL. It’s the second time I’ve visited the Gulf coast of Florida and it definitely will not be the last. There is something to be said about the calm Gulf water and scorching Florida sun. I love being in the sun! This is a view from our balcony in our room at the Bilmar Beach Resort. As you can see, the beaches on the Gulf are sooooo long. Those little dots on the horizon are the cabanas that we laid in when the sun got too hot. The water is still quite a distance from there...

I visited with my friend Jenny. We’re trying to make this sunny retreat an annual adventure. Thus far, we’re 2 for 2! Last year we visited St. Pete Beach, which is just a short drive from this year’s destination. While in Treasure Island, I celebrated my 29th birthday! Jenny and I had a rough day...sleep, sun, food and drinks...It was so much fun!

We tried our best to find great food and drinks specials for dinner every night. Middle Grounds Grill was a restaurant we visited 3 times for their happy hour specials. On one night, they offered 1/2 priced bottles of wine. We couldn't resist! In the end, we couldn't finish our wine and we were sent with a wine doggy bag. It made us laugh as we walked back to our hotel : )

We ate at The Pearl restaurant another night. They had excellent food and service. If anyone knows Jenny or myself...they know that we LOVE a good meal, especially when served with a nice glass of wine. Cheers!

Sloppy Joe's was the hotel restaurant that we ate at for lunch everyday. It was really nice because it was outside and a convenient walk to and from the beach. We could just throw on a cover up, eat and then head right back to the beach! Although we didn't succumb to the beauty of these gigantic margaritas on the first 4 days...on day 5, we just had to do it. We shared! Thanks for another great time. I can't wait until next time!

Next stop...Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (July 12-20, 2008)!

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