Monday, March 6, 2017

February in New England

NBA All-Star Weekend = The Schurs are off on another adventure! This five day trip in February had us enjoying time with Steve's family and my brother Todd in New England.

I scored two seats on an inexpensive flight in/out of Boston on Saturday so we enjoyed a drink in the United Club prior to take-off.

On our first day we drove 40 miles north of Boston to Newburyport where we stayed with Steve's sister Karen, Andrew, Lorelei and Julian. Shortly after we arrived, the sun was out and we took the kids sledding. It had been quite some time since we've been sledding, but Lorelei and Julian were not about to let the day go by without us taking at least a few trips down the hill!

That night we enjoyed tacos and cocktails with the Horan family at Metsy's

This trip became a bit of a Championship ring tour as well. Steve carefully packed his ring in his carry-on and proudly showed it off to the rest of the family. Lorelei and Julian were great hand models.

On Sunday, we drove another 140 miles south to Mystic, CT where we stayed with Steve's sister Gretchen and Scott. Conveniently, my brother Todd lives a short drive away. He, Zachary and Dylan met us at Mystic Pizza for lunch followed by margaritas. It was a beautiful day.

Gretchen and Scott live steps away from Mystic Pizza, so we walked to their house after pizza and margaritas with Todd and the boys. Within a few seconds, Todd was calling me. He had left his hazard lights on and his battery had died. Luckily, Scott had a portable battery charger and was able to get Todd on the road within seconds.  

We had a nice stay with Gretchen and Scott complete with tuna (yum!), mussels and a beautiful walk/hike around Napatree Point in Rhode Island.

On Monday we drove about 50 miles northwest to Steve's parents house in Willington, CT where we enjoyed great company and Willington's red potato pizza (of course!)


On Tuesday we drove another 50 miles with Paul and Sue to visit Todd at his newest gig as the General Manager at Guy's Kitchen + Bar at Foxwood's Casino.

The food was pretty ridiculous. We started with Old Bay Wings, followed by the Bacon Mac n' Cheese Burger and Hot Pastrami Reuben.

After lunch we drove about 70 miles to North Haven, CT where we had a nice visit with Steve's Aunt Ann and Uncle David (sorry, no pictures...)

That night we drove another 80 miles to the Hyatt at the Boston airport. We enjoyed a few cocktails and a great view before returning home the next morning.

We really thought four nights would give us plenty of time, but it's crazy how time flies! We had a great time seeing everyone and always look forward to the next time.

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