Thursday, August 15, 2013

Shannon & Britt Get Married!

Steve and I live a pretty happy life and we're able to do this with the love and support of one another as well as surrounding ourselves with good people who love us for who we are as individuals and as a couple. It's a pretty simple philosophy, we laugh and have a lot of fun and having fun makes us happy. Cheers to everyone who helps makes it all possible :)

Britt and Shannon appear to have ripped a page out of our "happiness book" and are accomplishing a lot of the same. Steve and I would love to think we've had some kind of brilliant influence on them, but the fact is they're just fun people living the life they want to live. Duh, that's why we're friends!

 The early days of Britt & Shannon with the Schurs circa July 2011.

When they got engaged, Britt & Shannon immediately started planning their Wisconsin wedding and there wasn't any doubt that Steve and I would be present. As the months went on, many saw their small and simple wedding develop into an incredible event that required a lot of planning, preparation and guaranteed fun!

So, on August 10th, I had the honor and privilege of standing next to Britt and Shannon as they exchanged wedding vows. It was a happy and fun event that was overflowing with the love and support of 115 of their closest friends and family. Britt’s entire family were gracious hosts and we couldn’t have asked for a more hospitable way to experience Clinton, WI. 

Britt's sister Becky and brother-in-law Marty opened up their home for this spectacular event and it served as “home base” for the wedding preparation, ceremony and reception. On Thursday, we joined the family for a Wisconsin-themed BBQ, while assembling 70 lantern jars that would be used to light a pathway following the ceremony.

We enjoyed good company, Wisconsin brats, New Glarus beer and a few games of cornhole.

 On Friday, we continued the wedding preparations with favors and cellophane galore!
 That night, we had the wedding rehearsal before heading to Domenico’s for dinner.

On Saturday morning Steve, Justin, Mike and I decorated Britt & Shannon’s room with snacks, champagne, balloons, streamers and a few other cheesy additions from the $1 store. We even used electric tea lights to create a lighted entryway.

 Shortly thereafter, I went to get my hair done with some of the other girls while Steve helped the rest of the crew with table set-up.


Soon enough, it was time to get ready and board the bus (yes, an actual school bus) to the Main Event!

The procession included Britt & Shannon's moms, Wendy and Joanne
Friends, Libby, Justin, Shannon & Jonah
 Britt's sisters, Becky & Marci and niece and nephew, Cooper and KK
Britt and her dad, Bill
...and finally Shannon and her dad, Dan
The ceremony was nice and short with only a few tears. Britt's dad accompanied on the guitar along with Justin and Mike’s beautiful voices.

When it was all over, we poured ourselves a glass of champagne and Britt and Shannon let out a sigh of relief. The hard part was over and we could finally get the party started!

Keeping it Clazzy in Clinton!

They continued with a few more important and essential pictures with the people that really made this all happen...Their parents

...and Sisters

Toasts were made, the cake was cut and laughter was overflowing...


During the reception, Shannon serenaded the crowd on her own, then sang Wagon Wheel with all of the kids...a song they had been practicing for weeks! It was pretty cute and one of the many highlights of the night.

Fun playing “Children of the Corn”

Sorry Britt & Shannon, but this might be my favorite picture...after joking about "Children of the Corn" for days, Jonah and Justin were photo bombed by these two! Note: This was not a planned picture. Priceless.
Lots of dancing...


Fun with Friends and Family...


Finally, the Lighting of the Lanterns...

Steve and I couldn’t be happier to see two of our closest friends tie the knot and enter into this beautifully cherished thing we call marriage. Lots of love to you both!

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