Friday, September 10, 2010

Alexandria, VA ~ September 3-6, 2010

We make the six-hour drive or one-hour flight to Alexandria, VA at least once a year. If not to visit our friend Jon (Steve’s friend from college), then to participate in Steve’s annual fantasy football draft in which Jon is also a participant. This isn’t just any draft…They rent a banquet room and hold a live draft and with 15 teams and about two people per team, it’s pretty intense lasting at least five hours. Everyone brings beverage coolers and they order pizza following the 8th round…It’s like every fantasy football satire you’ve ever seen. Men who are angry, jealous, stupid, cruel, irrational, etc., etc. all in one room at one time. As you can imagine, it’s quite a sight to be seen and something that I wouldn’t suggest everyone witness.

You may ask yourself “How does Shannon know all of these details???” Being the football (a.k.a Brett Favre) obsessed and totally awesome wife that I am, I also serve as Steve’s sidekick, making me the only female at the draft. It sort of makes me feel like I’m a member of some club, but not a club that I would ever choose. You see, the huge majority of these men are married to their fantasy football team and not to actual women. I don’t intend to make fun of them (actually, yes I do), but they're just not the kind of guys that I want hanging out at my house on football Sunday.

I sure would like to hang out with this guy!!

If I didn’t have an odd obsession with Brett Favre (I admit that it is a bit much), Steve probably would not participate in a fantasy football draft of this caliber. I am totally happy hanging out on Sunday with my husband. We eat, we drink, we cheer, we high-five (yes, we high-five) and overall we have a whole lot of quality fun. It’s worth every penny we spend on the NFL Ticket and I guess every dime we spend on Steve’s FFB team. P.S. I reserve the right to change my mind after Brett actually does retire :)

Anyway, back to the trip…We made the drive on Friday night and arrived around 9:30 pm. Jon is always an accommodating host and had a frosted beverage waiting for us upon arrival. What we expected to be an early night ended up being a late night and we stayed up a lot longer than I want to admit.

The draft was held on Saturday. Steve ended up with the 13th pick and eventually drafted Brett Favre (thanks to my irrational threats…just kidding!) Our friends Todd & Gina were staying at the Westin across the street from the draft location so we met up with them for a drink before heading out with the rest of the group to O’Connell’s on King Street. Oddly enough, Todd & Gina live in Hudson which is only 30 minutes from where we live…Steve and I both worked with Todd at the Cavs and we have done our best to stay in touch with them since my departure. They now have three kids and were visiting Alexandria for their 10-year wedding anniversary. We’re not the best at getting together, so it’s ironic that Alexandria is where we would see each other again.

On Sunday afternoon we took a water taxi with Jon, Todd & Gina to Georgetown where we had some beers and enjoyed the perfect weather. While Todd & Gina went back to their hotel, we returned to Jon’s and had a few more drinks before calling it a night!

I had no part in choosing these outfits...They must have been playing dress-up because neither the hat or shirt are something that Steve owns.

The Monday drive home from Alexandria is always miserable…We stay up too late, drink more than we should and don’t want to return to work the next day, but overall it was a fun time and I wish I took more pictures!!

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