Saturday, July 10, 2010

Palm Beach Shores, FL ~ July 3-10, 2010

Ah yes…Vacation. It’s our favorite thing to do as a couple and we embrace every opportunity. Whether it’s with family, friends or ourselves, we always have an awesome time.

Our most recent vacation was with Jenny & Bob to Palm Beach Shores, FL on Singer Island. It’s a very quiet resort on the Atlantic Ocean near West Palm Beach. Of course, we had a ton of fun. We laid on the beach, relaxed, ate, drank and did a whole bunch of nothing! It was magical.

We spent the first few days being lazy and enjoying the beach. Rain was intermittent, but welcomed as it gave us a break from the heat. When it rained, we either headed to Johnny Longboats for food and/or drinks or back to the condo for a nap.

Johnny Longboats is an indoor/outdoor restaurant across the street from the resort with pretty decent food. Not only did they have $1 draft beer when it rained, but they also had a great and cheap ($2.95) breakfast, $1.99 Bloody Mary’s, Screwdrivers & Mimosa’s, AND happy hour from 7 am – 8 pm…Awesome.

Oddly, we learned a lot about sea turtle nesting during this trip. There were several hundred nests on the beach. We actually had to set up our beach chairs and umbrellas around the nests due to the volume. Other than signs and barricaded areas, you couldn’t really see the nest.

At night, we were advised to turn off any lights that shine on the beach as mother turtles are bothered by bright lights and hatching baby turtles get confused and will follow lights and wander to the streets rather than to the ocean. To keep them from doing this, there were volunteers that went to the beach nightly to help lead the hatching turtles to the water rather than the streets. While out on our balcony at night, we could see them with their flashlights.

We headed to Clematis Street and CityPlace in downtown West Palm Beach a few times during the week. Whether it was for lunch at Grease Burger Bar, dinner at Rocco's Tacos or a GIANT slice of pizza from Pizza Luna, we had a nice time and enjoyed the scene.

The Islander Grill & Tiki Bar was located on the hotel premises. They had decent food and a pretty good happy hour.  I couldn’t resist getting this carved coconut monkey head to keep my drink cold :-)

On Wednesday, we picked up two cupcakes from Sugar Chef in West Palm Beach. When the clock struck midnight, we indulged in celebration of my birthday :-)

On Thursday, I celebrated my 31st birthday and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend it! Steve and I began the morning with a walk on the beach, followed by a few hours basking in the sun.

We met Bob & Jenny for lunch and then proceeded to Clematis Street for a happy hour crawl. We went to O'Shea's Irish Pub, Roxy's Pub, Reef Road Rum Bar, Grease Burger Bar, Don Ramon's Cuban Restaurant, Mambo Italianos, Rocco's Tacos and E.R. Bradley's for happy hour drinks & appetizers.

Sadly, our great night was interrupted for a few minutes when we had to witness “The Decision” debacle. I can promise you that after Steve and I drowned in our sorrows for a few minutes, we went right back to having FUN.

Friday was a lazy day that included a lot of SportsCenter, a trip to the airport to drop off Bob, lunch at Johnny Longboats, the beach and then dinner at Johnny Longboats. It was an early night as we knew our trip was coming to an end and we’d have to rise early to head to the airport on Saturday morning…always such a sad realization.

We notched another great trip on Singer Island and look forward to meeting up with Jenny and Bob (and Sean & Alex!) in just a few days when we head to Myrtle Beach. Don't be surprised if we continue this tradition and partake in more beach and happy hour adventures!

Ah yes…Vacation

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